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Design Work, Yoga Design

I’ve been addicted to fashion for years and now I’m getting addicted to Yoga. Being a practical person, I’ve managed to get  both my addiction together and developed a special interests on yoga clothes.

Next month my students  at Westerdals and me are starting to work on the development of  the brand spatial strategy  for the new Norwegian label Run&Relax. So far I’m  little bit following the brands with longer experience on the market.

There is the design news from Lululemon :

Lululemon works with the key pieces updating them and informing about updates. The whole story you can read here :


Must to admit, I already own a  Scuba Hoodie , but I definitely will go for the new one as well.

Should I rename my blog: Another Addict Blog?

btw, the most interesting part is the comments on the new design

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Styling Finds, Say Goodbye To Heels

I’ve mentioned  several times already that fashion is really changing right now,  but today I really want to make a point:

Louboutin or Blahnik can get bankrupted  if they won’t move to the sporty side.

Listen, Mr. Louboutin, girls are tired of your uncomfortable shoes, and want to have fun while they walk!

Of course, the stylist are  already setting trends for longer time , look at Christine Centera in her Isabel Marant sneakers:

























Image via www.marantphiles.com

Btw, Miuccia Prada’s already  got a message and do everything to keep the clients, who already have moved to yoga clothes ( Lululemon),

Look at Summer 2013, looks pretty sporty, doesn’t ?























Image via www.style.com

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