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Design Talks, Mainstream Codes

Ok guys, I ‘ve to admit, I ‘ve a tendency to be a late mainstreamer. I’m honest and serious about it. It takes me a long time to like some products. And than: it’s to late…
Ok, maybe I’m not a late mainstreamer, maybe early, but I’ve done so many fashion mistakes recently that I’m starting to worry about my taste.

So, following fashion bloggers, I’ve found out, that there are some products that on some point work as mainstream codes: almost every blogger who posts their stuff, owns ( or borrows) them.

For me it’s a sign: stay away, you are 40!

A very classical example:  Isabel Marant sneakers + Celine Boston bag














( photo via www. marantphiles.com)

Thanks God, my sneakers are well- worn now ( and it didn’t take so long) .The thing I hope for  is, since now everyone is so busy choosing between  Dunk A.P.C.+ Nike and New Balance,  maybe Marant sneakers look more like an old-fashion, classic piece this spring…

The first time  Mainstream Codes I’ll dedicated to Celine.

1)  Celine Trio Bag www.celine.com

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.10.37 PM




















2) Celine Square Glasses here

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.53.44 AM

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Design Talks, SpongeBob of Fashion

Why  SpongeBob ? Listen to the interview on www.stylecartel.com


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Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #October26

Hat: Isabel Marant Etoile

Sunglasses: Prada 

Scarf: Badiali Cashmere

Gloves: Sermoleta

Coat: my mom’s from the late 80’s

Bag: Billy, Jerome Dreyfuss

Pants: Isabel Marant Ronan

Boots: Isabel Marant Dicker

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Design Finds, The Overcoat as Object of Design

The autumn is the the city and I’m thinking about changing my Max Mara trench coat to something warmer.

Trenctrench: Max Mara

Cap: Isabel Marant Etoile

Jeans: Acne

Rubber boots: Tretorn

Fragnance : Byredo Bal D’afrique

….”an interesting combination of kimono shape, a camel color in a cashmere blend, very long, with a belt and a masculine collar…” 

Doesn’t it sound like a right thing to have?

Yes, it’s Max Mara classical coat  101801

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Design Work, Fashion Forgets Fast

Does someone even remember Christophe Decarnin’s name this season? He was the guy who brought Balmain back to the new life in 2005.
















He was the guy who re-invented dyed jeans , a jackets with wide shoulder, a sudpersexy short dress with one sleeve. He was who invented the new French-Girl Cool look.

But this  one was a rich girl, and Isabel Marant translated this image for cheaper money. Emmanuelle Alt was a good help to strengthen the new French girls image, since she was working as a stylist for both Balmain and Marant. And than came a bunch of other french designers who translated this look for even cheaper money: Iro, Sandro, Maje etc.

Decarnin is gone because he did not show up for Balmain Autumn/Winter 2011 show. I don’t know what happened to him, www.style.com was referring to some heath problems. Alt bailed from the story  becoming the editor -in- chief of French Vogue. Isabel Marant still is in a good health, continues to work with French-Girl Cool  images and raises prices with every season. Must to say, the least seasons  even without Decarnin’s influence , the French girls continously  goes wild  to west or we could say, looks for $. Rodeo girls, American sport clothes, Elvis ( What will be the next Big Thing?)  But theses changes are just on the surface, in the prints, shmints. The idea and siluets are the same.

Iro, Sandro, Maje are doing well as well , opening flaship-stores in London etc.  Seems like everyone is just fine, including the French-Girl Cool.

Balmain 2008
















Marant 2013

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Design File,Quality of Isabel Marant Sneakers

Not so long ago I wrote a very complimentary post on Isabel Marant and her idea of the wedges  sneakers.

I still thing hight of her as a designers, but the bad quality of her stuff is just killing me. Today I accidentally had a look on the soles of my sneakers and discovered terrible holes after  just 2 month of wearing them. It’s really upsetting since  the prize of these sneakers in Norway is 3800 NOK  ( or 513 EUR). The price is just too hight for the quality Marant offers.

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Design Finds, The Blog on Isabel Marant

There is a blog that I follow regularly because I find it amazingly good on all information on Isabel Marant. I think,  it’s time to give credit to Aliya, ww.marantphiles.com, because I use information’s coming from her blog often.

Thank you,  Aliya for holding The Blog on Isabel Marant!

follow Aliya on  Twitter and Facebook 

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Design Travel, What To See in LA #13

There is one retail interior more to see next summer in LA. Isabel Marant is coming to Melrose place!


More information on www.theboutique411.com


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Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #October5

There is really autumn in my city and there’ll be less and less posts ” Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes”.

Winter is harsh in Norway and there is not  much possibility to wear  nice clothes .

Jacket, Pants, Yoga bag : Lululemon

Raincoat: Prada Sport

Sneakers:  Isabel Marant A/W 2012

Sunglasses : Prada


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Design Work, From Cork in Your Sneakers Until Cash in Your Pocket

One day, while you are a teenager , you cut up cork and put into your sneakers because you’ve figured out: it will make you taller. Many years later you set up a production of sneakers with wedge inside and they are sold out over the whole world. Do you know what does it mean? It means, that you really are a designer. Because you make money with your original ideas.

That’s why Isabel Marant  is worth every penny she makes. Her interview on wedges sneakers on www.fashionista.com

See : there isn’t big difference between mine and Zoe’s sneakers. I just have cork into mine. But it really makes difference in price…..


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