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Design Find, A Place For The Commercial Interior Project, Expo 2










Do you recognize it? It’s a very quick SketchUp version of Fyrhuset Kuba.

The restaurant project at Expo 2 will be about making Fyrhuset to work.

Design Finds, The Lamp and The Syringe

I remember seing this lamp that looks like a medical syringe at Modular catalogues in Late Nineties. It was pretty cool looking lamp for end of the 20th century and I wish I had a possibility to use it for some medical interior. But I never had this kind of customer and until today had not seen the lamp in real.

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Way-finding at the Antwerp Central Railway Station

Spring semester 2011 I became interested in way-finding project design because I was supervising students from the Graphic Department at Westerdals School of Communication, who were working on the wayfinding project for the new building.

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