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Design Finds, Pepsi: Is Not The Choice Of A New Generation or Plan B

When we were  A Young Generation, we chose Pepsi.

Our kids are doing different choices, they have Plan B. Watch Out! :

Plan B

via Sasha Frere Jones 


Design Work, AMO/OMA Art Direction For Prada

Prada Real Fantasies Spring Summer 2012- AMO/OMA has done incredibly good job again


PRODUCTION / ART DIRECTION: AMO / Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Fausto Fantinuoli
ARTWORK: Jeroen Koolhaas, Lok Jansen
MUSIC: Frédéric Sanchez
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : Max Brun — Hi ! Production
EDITION: Brian Vincent Durkin

Design Finds, A Facade That Sings

Sometimes architecture is like music. Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Design Finds, Christmas Presents, Part 2

I have to admit that my Santa McClaus ( @tmq on Twitter ) has a really good taste


Design Finds, Anselm Kiefer and Fashion

This beautiful piece by Anselm Kiefer is a part of  the Marx’s collection at Hamburger Bahnhof.

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Design Finds, Merry Christmas To Modern Architecture

This morning I got a Christmas card from Fantastic Norway architects  and I thought, it looks pretty cool. Fantastically Norwegian.

After some time,  as an answer to the Fantastic Architects’ card, there came another one with a comment:

“The Christmas card from Fantastic Norway reminded me of this” :

Guess, who was sending the second card?

Property development and real estate management company, of course!

These cards made my day. Merry Christmas to modern architecture!

Design Finds, One More Video on Model-Making Techniques

A great model, promoted by Adele, ( watch time 1:25)

Design Finds, Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Today I learned that I’ve won a handmade necklace that the girl on the video was burned with. It’s Odyssey Necklace 501 by Norwegian designer Bjørg, 18 ct gold plated bronze.

There is a text engraved: “not all who wander are lost”, and it’s my quote of the day today.



Styling Finds, I Will Survive

I used to cry
Now I hold my head up high