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Design Talks, The Concept of the New Luxury

Recently I’m posting many thing on Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.50.47 AM

I met him in the moment  I was in the process of organizing the seminar  The Future of Retail at Westerdals School of Communication. I had a great programm with really great professionals: Robert Thiemann,  the Editor-in- Chief of Frame magazine; Thomas Mick, Director of Dior Interior Retail & Visual Merchandising and Charlotte Bjorklund from Li Edelkort’s  Trend Union, but I was missing something.

I guess, I was still missing my personal answer where the future of retail is for me.

And somehow this man, that I had not have any idea about before I came to Amsterdam and just  walked into his shop,  who was taking very slowly,  gave me my personal answer. ( Specially after Robert Thiemann told me the whole his story : about  Alexander van Slobbe going  to Japan, becoming a big brand there and after leaving for home.)

I believe that his New Luxury is my Future of Retail: designers and products made and sold locally not because of a wish to make a fashion super-empire ( I believe this time is over: Armani was the last one) , but doing the things you believe in. Do it differently than even your friends do. Choose yourself what to read, what to buy and what to eat.

Yes, about eating. Now when everyone is some kind of  “healthy ” diet, the most popular is to  avoiding carbohydrates,  I believe, that sourdough bread, made in the bakery on the corner from your house,  is luxury. Because it’s fresh, solf and tasty. It’s not about a brand: is it Åpen Bakery or United Bakeries, it’s about the right way of making  and selling bread.


But in terms of New Luxury, I’ve already contacted Eventarchitectuur, who did the shop for Alexander van Slobbe.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.50.29 AM

I hope, they will make The Future of Retail in Oslo next year.

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Buy Design, Christmas Wish

I almost wrote: an Easter wish. Don’t they look like Easter eggs?

The function is almost the same: only decorative. You can’t really walk in them. At least ,not in Oslo. But such a beauty! Prada shoes in Kamikaze

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Design Finds, Designers Who Want to be Inclusive

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have brought the life back to Kenzo.

They came to the house only 3 seasons ago, and one of the most beloved Parisian fashion houses is alive again.

It’s such a relieve and fun to listened theses guys talking to Garance Dore. They say they want to be very inclusive and want everyone just come and enjoy the show,  and have a god time.

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Design Work, From Cork in Your Sneakers Until Cash in Your Pocket

One day, while you are a teenager , you cut up cork and put into your sneakers because you’ve figured out: it will make you taller. Many years later you set up a production of sneakers with wedge inside and they are sold out over the whole world. Do you know what does it mean? It means, that you really are a designer. Because you make money with your original ideas.

That’s why Isabel Marant  is worth every penny she makes. Her interview on wedges sneakers on

See : there isn’t big difference between mine and Zoe’s sneakers. I just have cork into mine. But it really makes difference in price…..


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Design Finds, ART Direction by AMO 2012

The new lookbook Real Fantasies 2012, Prada is out! One more great job done by AMO.

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Design Finds, Perpeta

My heart almost stopped when I saw theses. Perpeta make you want to buy shoes again

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Design Work, Aesop Interiors

Recently Aesop has come up with many really great interiors.

This in one in Aesop Ginza by Schemata Architecture Office reminds me my  first sketches for restaurant Xic-Lo in Eger. The final interior solution of Xic- Lo unfortunately took more traditional way, as it often happens.

More picture on Aesop Ginza

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Design Travel, Bevk Perovic

Thanks the last issue of ELcroquis I’ve discovered some slovenian architecture:

Bevk Perovic,

House R

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