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Design Finds, Random Saturday’s Morning Bits

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Design Finds, Food Trends

PEJ Food + Consumer Trends 2014-2017

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Food is Design, Tapas Thursday

100% home – made tapas by Clan McQuillan

home-made aioli

Fagioli All’Uccelletto


Patatas bravas



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Design Tips, The Best Cookbook Ever

As a student of architecture in early 90’s I’was deeply impressed by John Pawson and minimalism.

My first interiors actually were very close copies of  the job  he was doing than. It wasn’t easy to get customers for this kind of interior in Latvia, and I’s very lucky to have realized works.

Time has passed and I’ve change my approach to interiors, but even now I’ve kept deep respect to this Bristish architect, and consider him as one of my Teachers.

His cookbook  Living and Eating that came out 2001 , I bought mainly because of  the pictures of his private interior. But today, 10 years later, it’s the most used cookbook in our home.

Today I made Chicken and White Wine Stew with Gremolata. It’s wonderful.

Picture from Pawson’s book:

The recipe:

Pictures from McQuillan dinner:

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Design Finds, Gremolata

“Gremolata may sound like a female goblin, but in fact, it is a blend of parsley, garlic, and lemon zest, equally at home beside a panfried chicken beast as scattered over a stew,” explain John Pawson and Annie Bell in a book Living and Eating

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Design Work, Homemade Macaroons

Makss, my oldest son, made them for my birthday. My favorite color:

Design Finds, Kyllingpai

Timothy makes food on Fridays.

He has his coking book: a typical Norwegian recipes from the 70’s.

Every Friday morning he choose a recipe. ( Since he can’t read yet, he just guess)

Today his choise was Kyllingpai, that I thought, is the strangest recipe I’ve seen in my life.

Just read it : grilled chicken, champignon, paprika, shallots, soy sauce and cream.

But Timothy was sure: it’ll good, and it was!

Since I’d not have any experience with pie- making in my life, and we didn’t have a right pan, the pie looks like a pica. But it’s delicious!

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Design Awards, Dinamo Art Direction for BIT Bogstadveien 48

Yesterday I passed by BIT, Bogstadveien 48,

my last interior project as a project leader while I was still working for Scenario Interiørarkitekter, and noticed a sticker on the window:

Awards For Design Excellence Norwegian Design Council.

On the webside I found out, that Dinamo , that was an art director on this project , has got  award for profile program and new brand.

Congratulations to BIT and Dinamo,  Scenario Interiørarkitekter  and little bit  myself , since the BIT  interior is a part of the new BIT’s brand.

Design Travel, The Ultimate Pop Up Museum By Prada

AMO’s installation for the “24 h Museum”  in the historic Palais d’Iéna Paris.

The installation is divided in three sections, each inspired by a particular type of museum space: historic, contemporary and forgotten.

The central space is a large metal cage mad made from grills and neon lights that encloses the work by Francesco Vezzoli.

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Design Finds; Bake It, Build It, Eat It! with Karina Johnsen

This is Karina Johnsen’s model for Fyrhuset Kuba. Yes, your guess is right: It’s a Gingerbread House.

If you are a profesional architect, stop being so damn serious about model-making techniques for a while and Bake It, Build It, Eat It!