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Design Finds, The Hairstyle of Prada Candy

France Gall- A bientôt nous deux

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Design Work, The Song Of Prada Candy

France Gall – Le temps de la rentrée

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Styling Finds, Prada Candies

These candies are from Prada A/W 2011:


If you noticed, Léa is wearing almost the same shoes:

I love that Prada use hers own old collections for  the new product styling. Actually  the whole A/W 2013 is about this way of styling. Many candies there!

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Design Work, Guillaume Henry of Carven

OMG, he is so lovable!

And, yes, I buy Carven. Because you can buy it. Because it’s fresh. And fresh is not question of age, it’s a question of identity.


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Design Masterclass, Real Fantasies by AMO and Prada

There is another masterclass by AMO and Prada  for retail designers and visual merchandisers: Prada Real Fantasies for Spring/Summer 2013.

Art directed  by AMO, the video presentation features Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Miguel Taborda, Lucia Venturini and Lucia Zamponi.

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Design Finds, Designers Who Want to be Inclusive

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have brought the life back to Kenzo.

They came to the house only 3 seasons ago, and one of the most beloved Parisian fashion houses is alive again.

It’s such a relieve and fun to listened theses guys talking to Garance Dore. They say they want to be very inclusive and want everyone just come and enjoy the show,  and have a god time.

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Design Finds, ART Direction by AMO 2012

The new lookbook Real Fantasies 2012, Prada is out! One more great job done by AMO.

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