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Design Question, Will Hedi Slimane Make It?

I was very sceptical to the first, and the second collection that Hedi Slimane did for Saint Laurent.

The first was too simple in my opinion, but the second one just didn’t make any sense at all.

Today, when Nikola Formicetti posted  a picture on  on Tumblr  that Marilin Manson stars in Saint Laurent ads, I decided to have another look at Saint Laurent summer collection.

I have to admit that shoes are good.

























































I would say: they are just perfect.  The best shoe collection this spring.

They are just amazingly Yves Saint Laurant and Hedi Slimane at the same time.

I’m not not sure, but I think he’ll make it. He’ll build a very intresting and strong brand. And it won’t be a  mainstream one.

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Design Question, Who to Follow?

The breaking new in fashion world today is that Nicolas Ghesquière leaves Balenciaga















It’s confusing since there weren’t any rumors about it before.

For me Balenciaga is Nicolas Ghesquière.   I ‘ve been interested in Balenciaga because of Ghesquière’s retail architecture . So, what will happens to Balenciaga interiors and brand spatial communication in general? Any thought?

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Design Tips, Interiors about Books

I love the way commercial interior goes nowadays: everething is really about  concepts. The borders between retail design and commercial interior don’t exist anymore.

Pictures via

This is Tongji bookstore in Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects:

This is a pop-cafe for Starbucks in Tokyo by Japanese  studio Nendo:

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Design Work, Fashion Forgets Fast

Does someone even remember Christophe Decarnin’s name this season? He was the guy who brought Balmain back to the new life in 2005.
















He was the guy who re-invented dyed jeans , a jackets with wide shoulder, a sudpersexy short dress with one sleeve. He was who invented the new French-Girl Cool look.

But this  one was a rich girl, and Isabel Marant translated this image for cheaper money. Emmanuelle Alt was a good help to strengthen the new French girls image, since she was working as a stylist for both Balmain and Marant. And than came a bunch of other french designers who translated this look for even cheaper money: Iro, Sandro, Maje etc.

Decarnin is gone because he did not show up for Balmain Autumn/Winter 2011 show. I don’t know what happened to him, was referring to some heath problems. Alt bailed from the story  becoming the editor -in- chief of French Vogue. Isabel Marant still is in a good health, continues to work with French-Girl Cool  images and raises prices with every season. Must to say, the least seasons  even without Decarnin’s influence , the French girls continously  goes wild  to west or we could say, looks for $. Rodeo girls, American sport clothes, Elvis ( What will be the next Big Thing?)  But theses changes are just on the surface, in the prints, shmints. The idea and siluets are the same.

Iro, Sandro, Maje are doing well as well , opening flaship-stores in London etc.  Seems like everyone is just fine, including the French-Girl Cool.

Balmain 2008
















Marant 2013

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Design File,Quality of Isabel Marant Sneakers

Not so long ago I wrote a very complimentary post on Isabel Marant and her idea of the wedges  sneakers.

I still thing hight of her as a designers, but the bad quality of her stuff is just killing me. Today I accidentally had a look on the soles of my sneakers and discovered terrible holes after  just 2 month of wearing them. It’s really upsetting since  the prize of these sneakers in Norway is 3800 NOK  ( or 513 EUR). The price is just too hight for the quality Marant offers.

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Design Question, How Much Design Do We Need

I love good design. Any form: from graphic design on a milk carton  until architecture.  Specially I’m interested in connection between fashion and architecture.  I work with retail design as well.

But of course, if you are  in retail design, you buy things. Mostly designer clothes. And now, after many years of obsession with fashion I’m trying to find  my way out . I really don’t need more clothes.

I’ve found out in these years that’s completely ok to own nice things. Like a pair of Louboutin or a bag from Prada. But you really don’t need more than that. Seriously. Buy a new pair of shoes only when you can’t use the old one. And, if you buy a good quality, it can take a while 🙂 That’s my advice.

But at least,  thanks God, I’ve never ever used a credit card for shopping. But many girls do. Here is a great interview with someone who has bigger problems than me : Naomi ,


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Design Question, Lululemon is Accusing Calvin Klein of Infringing on Design Patents

Yes, there is one copyright case more in fashion industrie !

“Yoga-apparel maker Lululemon Athletica Inc. LULU +1.08% is accusing fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. of infringing on design patents for its popular $98 “Astro Pant” in a legal battle that could provide new ammunition for the industry to wield against copycats while bolstering Lululemon’s dominant position in high-end yoga apparel, ” The Wall Streat Journal reports

Finally the ice is broken and I see  more claims against fast-fashion chains like  Zara, H&M and Cubus to come. Look at this picture from Cubus I made yesterday. Why should not Isabel Marant to claim against Cubus?

First :  from Cubus

Second : Isabel Marant Yoan Alpaca Blend Intarsia Sweater

Design Finds, Happy Waste

This semester students from Exponeringsdesign  Westerdals are working on the project The Truth is Green.

General/long-term goal of the project is using creative and innovative teaching methods develop and educate the youth who will be competent and motivated to live ecologically – produce and consume environmentally friendly and simultaneously healthy products. My students are developing the concept of the exibiton “Yesterday’s Rubbish – Today’s Cherish”.

There is sneak-peek of the story of the happy waste. More to come,  just follow us!

Credits: Alison Van Scheers, Tine Nørregaard  and Alicja Majchrowicz-Moskal

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Design Fail, Lacoste Windows Oslo

Yesterday I discovered ( better late than never ) that in September 2010, Christophe Lemaire stepped down and Felipe Oliveira Baptista succeeded him as the creative manager of Lacoste. Since than Lacoste has experience a new developmen of the brend and has a new exiting line Unconventional Chic , that looks like a sporty sister of Carven, that I was writing about yesterday.

This morning I decided to check out Lacoste Oslo Hegdehaugsveien 34 . Unfortunately in Oslo  nothing tells us about the new development of the brend. Windows are just boring, boring, boring. We really need a new approach in visual merchandising in the city, don’t you think?

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