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Design Work, The Phoebe Files

One of Philo philosophies has been to subtly reinvent a core group of pieces each season/ the kind of wardrobe staples that she wears herself. “There’s a classsicism and beauty to it, ” she says- ” Why change it?”

All the houses that still have their integrity and stands for codes have that way of working, “ she adds. “The idea of fast fashion, and everething always having to be new, can lead to nothing other than a whole load of confusion. I don’t feel a need for that in the way I dress- and I think lots of other women feel the same way.”


She had an interview with LVMH Fashion’s president Pierre-Yves Roussel about establishing her own -named brand, but instead of it she’s got Celine. The Phoebe Files in Vogue March 2013

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Buy Design, What You Will Find Out at The Trend Reports #1

“In the future, our status will be more closely associated with the amount of things we throw away- in a recent consumer attitudes survey we found that one of five think status will be defined by how little we waste ,” an qoute from ADDED VALUE ? ,  A British Craft Council Touring Exibition 

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Design Finds, What You Will Find Out at The Trend Reports

London 12 sets dynamics between design and fashion.

The project Hierve’s Ropero Wardrobe system certainly strengthens it  in ways that will surprise all.

“We will bring the principle of unity back to the table, ” Says Matthew Zorpas, creative consultant and founder of The Gentleman Blogger

You can find out more about Hierve ( Principal Alejandro Villarreal)  and Mattew Zorpas coolobration


Trend Reports by Westerdals Scool Of Communication 10.10.12

photo: publicity photo by Hierve

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