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Design Finds, The Hairstyle of Prada Candy

France Gall- A bientôt nous deux

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Styling Finds, Celine and Riga Central Market

My WIsh List for Fall/Winter 2013

a coat from Celine Fall 2013


a bag from Riga Central Market 



Design Talks, SpongeBob of Fashion

Why  SpongeBob ? Listen to the interview on


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Styling Finds,The Right Package

Since I’m sceptical to the all fantastic stories that skin care manufactors have in their product descriptions, for me cosmetics is a lot about package.

Here are some of my favorites:

Skin care: Aesop 

Perfume: Byredo 

Hair care: Shu Uemura

What about you?

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Buy Design, Christmas Wish

I almost wrote: an Easter wish. Don’t they look like Easter eggs?

The function is almost the same: only decorative. You can’t really walk in them. At least ,not in Oslo. But such a beauty! Prada shoes in Kamikaze

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Design Tips, Interiors about Books

I love the way commercial interior goes nowadays: everething is really about  concepts. The borders between retail design and commercial interior don’t exist anymore.

Pictures via

This is Tongji bookstore in Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects:

This is a pop-cafe for Starbucks in Tokyo by Japanese  studio Nendo:

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Design Finds, Once Again My Long Lost Friend

I think every girls has a friend that she’s lost while the years are passing away. It’s always someone to think ( and sing)  about while you listen to Lou Doillon

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Design Work, Yoga Design

I’ve been addicted to fashion for years and now I’m getting addicted to Yoga. Being a practical person, I’ve managed to get  both my addiction together and developed a special interests on yoga clothes.

Next month my students  at Westerdals and me are starting to work on the development of  the brand spatial strategy  for the new Norwegian label Run&Relax. So far I’m  little bit following the brands with longer experience on the market.

There is the design news from Lululemon :

Lululemon works with the key pieces updating them and informing about updates. The whole story you can read here :

Must to admit, I already own a  Scuba Hoodie , but I definitely will go for the new one as well.

Should I rename my blog: Another Addict Blog?

btw, the most interesting part is the comments on the new design

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