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Design Finds, BALENCIAGA BOUTIQUES interview with Nicolas Gresquiere and Dominoques Gonzalez-Foerster

There is a great interview with Nicolas Ghesquiere and Dominiques Gonzalez-Foerster  BALENCIAGA BOUTIQUES by Olivier Zahm in the Spring Summer 2012 issue of PURPLE FASHION magazine

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Design Finds, Christmas Presents Part 3

Today is the  1st January. My month at Agnesiga’s The Plānotājs has started.

I ‘m opening a Christmas present from lovely Agnese and wish for everyone who’s using this planner the white snow and  thoughts white as snow this January .

Design Travel, Where My Love Story With Prada Started

Every girl has a love story with a  fashion designer or with a fashion house in her life. The longest in my life so far has been Prada. It started in year 2005, became in very monogamous relationships from my side for awhile, and now it’s close to be over.

I’ve been asked many time: why Prada? Right now I’ m working on an article for Latvian interior magazine Deko, trying to explain why. Today I can tell when it started.

I fell in love with Prada in Tokyo  from the moment I approached a Prada ‘s shop,  designed by Swiss architects Herzog&De Meuron.

It was Love At First Sight. Still until now, it’s been the strongest commercial architecture statement in my experience. And of course, a big part of it is about a scale: the Prada building is incredibly fragile and delicate in the Aoyama’s urban landscape.

I tried to capture the building from the different angles than you usually see on  publication on Prada Tokyo.

Let me know, if it talks to you as well.

Design Travel, Azzedine Alaia As An Interior Designer

If you love dresses from Alaia, you will definetely will like his work as an interior designer. More picture on

Btw, he has the same Jean Prouve’s chairs as Isabel Marant has.


Buy Design, I’m January

As I posted some time ago, a friend of mine, Latvian journalist  and fashion blogger Agnese asked for a strange picture of me ( read here)  She did’nt explane the project, and only on Monday afternoon we found out what she has done. It’s a planner she’s launched under her blog name. Agnese tells about it

I got velvet covers, exquisite papers, DIY paper dollies, more nice papers, 12 interviews with Latvian creative people and a little paper pocket for everything dear and important.

So, every of the 12 creatives got a month. Do you know what is my month? It’s January.

You can buy this planner in Riga at following places: LUKABUKA, Pērle, Taste Latvia, Martas1, Galerija Istaba, Bonēra un Xmas Pop-up shop.

Price 12 LVL

Design Work, I’m Starting To Make A Catalog Of My Prada Collection

Maybe I mentioned before, I have some pieces that I would like to call my fashion collection. I’m collecting a specific fashion house, and it’s Prada. From every collection I try to buy the key pieces that show development of this fashion house and are generally interesting for contemporary fashion development  from my point of view. Some parts of this collection I’m wearing, some not, since I find theses pieces more interesting for collectors purposes not for wearing.

In a way I think I really have a collectors blood in me, because, for example, instead of buying new winter boots ( and I really need them), I decided to go for this summer dress from  S2011, and here are 2 reasons why I bought it:

one, I think the dresses were the most interesting part of this collection since very  specific Prada cut and very expected form Prada “unexpected” color combination. The second was : Ginta Lapiņa was wearing in on catwalk. Ginta is the first real Latvian supermodel and in a way she has set my native country on the fashion map. 

Today I’m starting on making an catalog on it, since I’m thinking about posting  it online. My goal is to make a collection for professional people to rent it for styling or research purposes. And, by the way, I’m working on a big publication on Prada.

Buy Design, Drawing For Interior Design

Have you noticed that books for learning interior design usually looks like from the previous century? I was lucky to find too great learning books for my students at the bookshop Copyright  next to MOMU in Antwerp.

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Buy Design, A Map Of Amsterdam

Since I’m going to go to Amsterdam next week, I bought a good, old- fashion paper map at Ark Egertorget today( since this shop open from 9 o’clock)

Price: 89 Nok

And, of course, the notes and drawings that my Dutch colleague Paul did on it, are priceless.

Buy Design

My last design buy from  the loppemarked at Majorstua Skole.

20th Century Norwegian housing projects 

Price: 20 Norwegian kroner 

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