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Design Talks, The Concept of the New Luxury

Recently I’m posting many thing on Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.50.47 AM

I met him in the moment  I was in the process of organizing the seminar  The Future of Retail at Westerdals School of Communication. I had a great programm with really great professionals: Robert Thiemann,  the Editor-in- Chief of Frame magazine; Thomas Mick, Director of Dior Interior Retail & Visual Merchandising and Charlotte Bjorklund from Li Edelkort’s  Trend Union, but I was missing something.

I guess, I was still missing my personal answer where the future of retail is for me.

And somehow this man, that I had not have any idea about before I came to Amsterdam and just  walked into his shop,  who was taking very slowly,  gave me my personal answer. ( Specially after Robert Thiemann told me the whole his story : about  Alexander van Slobbe going  to Japan, becoming a big brand there and after leaving for home.)

I believe that his New Luxury is my Future of Retail: designers and products made and sold locally not because of a wish to make a fashion super-empire ( I believe this time is over: Armani was the last one) , but doing the things you believe in. Do it differently than even your friends do. Choose yourself what to read, what to buy and what to eat.

Yes, about eating. Now when everyone is some kind of  “healthy ” diet, the most popular is to  avoiding carbohydrates,  I believe, that sourdough bread, made in the bakery on the corner from your house,  is luxury. Because it’s fresh, solf and tasty. It’s not about a brand: is it Åpen Bakery or United Bakeries, it’s about the right way of making  and selling bread.


But in terms of New Luxury, I’ve already contacted Eventarchitectuur, who did the shop for Alexander van Slobbe.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.50.29 AM

I hope, they will make The Future of Retail in Oslo next year.

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Buy Design, Amsterdam: Pearls from Makkum

If you remember, when I visited  Orson+Bodil Amterdam,  I had bad luck to buy a hat. And than I decided to go for pearls.

I got a pearl from Makkum, designer Alexander van Slobbe, made by  Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum.


Royal Tichelaar Makkum is the Netherlands’ oldest company, but they collaborate with the greatest modern designers and architects of nowadays Netherlands.

The list is here 

We can read on the webside, that ” The ‘pearls’ can be bought as complete necklace or one by one, to enable the wearer to compose her own ‘pearl’ rope. These ‘Pearls of Makkum’ have become desirable alternatives to the traditional pearl chain. The ‘pearls’ beauty is even enhanced by their luxury presentation box, designed by Irma Boom, who is responsible for all graphic expressions of our company.”

I bought a dark brown one: Onix.

And I told  Alexander that everey time I come back to Amsterdams, I’ll buy one  pearl more. One day I’ll own my own pearl necklace.IMG_7498

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Buy Design, Amsterdam: Orson + Bodil Store Opening

Today on you can read about Orson+Bodil Store Opening in Amsterdam.

I was in Amsterdam 3 weeks ago and completely accidentally run into the store because it was located very close to my hotel.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 6.37.19 PM

I really liked the store and had a nice conversation with the owner, the Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe.

The funny thing was, I wanted to try this hat.


But I learned, the hat wasn’t a part of the exibition. It was the  hat of his friend he just left on the bench while he was drinking coffee downstairs in the shop…

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Design Finds, The Food Floor at de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

There is a fantastic food floor at the department store de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam with Tom Dixon’s lamps and Charles Eames’ chairs. And good food, last but not least.

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Design Finds, The Toren, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam we stayed at the boutique hotel The Toren. It’s a very nice hotel, close  The Nine Streets . The interior is very typical for the Dutch contemporary interior: the new Baroque style. Lucky Dutch interior architects, they have a possibility to work with the great historacal heritage from Baroque time. In Scandinavia and Baltic we don’t have this kind of architecture left anymore. Sometimes we even classify this kind of interiors as a bad taste, but in a way it’s so nice to have a break from contemporary modernism and enjoy something little bit more sexy. Specially, since this one is hotel interior.

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Design Finds, My Dream Kitchen


My dream kitchen I found at The Toren, Amsterdam

Buy Design, Violet Blonde

In terms of fragrance I’m a Tom Ford’s girl. I discovered  White Patchouli in Milano in 2009 and since than it has been my night fragrance.

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Koffie complet at Grand Café-Restaurant 1e klas, Amsterdam CS

Koffie complet gezeveerd met Leonidas bonbonsen een ambachtelijk van Wees Likeurthe (puntje )

7,50 EUR

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