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Design Tips, The Best Cookbook Ever

As a student of architecture in early 90’s I’was deeply impressed by John Pawson and minimalism.

My first interiors actually were very close copies of  the job  he was doing than. It wasn’t easy to get customers for this kind of interior in Latvia, and I’s very lucky to have realized works.

Time has passed and I’ve change my approach to interiors, but even now I’ve kept deep respect to this Bristish architect, and consider him as one of my Teachers.

His cookbook  Living and Eating that came out 2001 , I bought mainly because of  the pictures of his private interior. But today, 10 years later, it’s the most used cookbook in our home.

Today I made Chicken and White Wine Stew with Gremolata. It’s wonderful.

Picture from Pawson’s book:

The recipe:

Pictures from McQuillan dinner:

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Design Finds, Gremolata

“Gremolata may sound like a female goblin, but in fact, it is a blend of parsley, garlic, and lemon zest, equally at home beside a panfried chicken beast as scattered over a stew,” explain John Pawson and Annie Bell in a book Living and Eating

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Design Finds, Christmas Presents Part 3

Today is the  1st January. My month at Agnesiga’s The Plānotājs has started.

I ‘m opening a Christmas present from lovely Agnese and wish for everyone who’s using this planner the white snow and  thoughts white as snow this January .

Buy Design, I’m January

As I posted some time ago, a friend of mine, Latvian journalist  and fashion blogger Agnese asked for a strange picture of me ( read here)  She did’nt explane the project, and only on Monday afternoon we found out what she has done. It’s a planner she’s launched under her blog name. Agnese tells about it

I got velvet covers, exquisite papers, DIY paper dollies, more nice papers, 12 interviews with Latvian creative people and a little paper pocket for everything dear and important.

So, every of the 12 creatives got a month. Do you know what is my month? It’s January.

You can buy this planner in Riga at following places: LUKABUKA, Pērle, Taste Latvia, Martas1, Galerija Istaba, Bonēra un Xmas Pop-up shop.

Price 12 LVL