Design Talks, Soviet Design

I grow up with Soviet Design.Generally it was pretty depressing experience.

But there were some examples I find almost genius.

This is one of them:

















In Soviet time all dairy  products were sold at the same type of  a glass bottle. To find out what is in a bottle you could because of a cap. The silver one was for milk, but the green one was for kefir, for example. The glass bottles were collected after . So, the only one thing  you needed to produce again, was a cap.

Kids use to collect the caps and play money games with them.

A picture via Шедевры рекламы



One thought on “Design Talks, Soviet Design

  1. bginta says:

    cik labi, vai ne un kad eco kluust arvien fashionable….. parasti iisti modiigaas lietas man kkaa vairaak nepatiik, palieku par panku un atsakos, bet eco virziena modiigums 🙂 es buutu trendu popularizeeshanas aukshgalaa :0 super posts kreejumam gan taas burzinas bij mazaakas vai ne

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