Styling Finds, Helmut Newton, Gucci 2002 and DreamBox

These  are sandals I bought in 2002.IMG_7439

It’s Tom Ford for Gucci Fall 2002.100062687

I still believe ,it was one of his best collections. One of the best fashion collections of the 21 century  generally so far. I would wear every piece even now.

But this postcard I bought  at Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin only 2 years ago.

It’s the image from US  Vogue that made me to buy theses shoes than.
We can’t buy our dreams, but we still keep paying for the parts of them.

 I keep the sandals and the postcard in the same box.


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3 thoughts on “Styling Finds, Helmut Newton, Gucci 2002 and DreamBox

  1. ginta_b says:

    es loti sho postu oooo miilu un ak jaaa es biju sakraajusi manshkjiet visas iespeejamaas man pieejamaas zhurnaalu lapas, kuraas prada 2007 rudens kurpes, un tu noteikti neatceries, bet pat jautaaju tev sheit pat blogaa, kur iespeejams taadas dabuut….un 2011ajaa decembrii es taadas beidzot atradu, ahaa peec tik daudziem sapnosanas gadiem…. sapni piepildaas…no bildiiteem taisos uztaisiit kolaazhu, tik jaaatrod iistais laiks un veids…. bet jaa jaaa ja ljooooti kko gribas :|)

  2. Ok, meeginaashu atrast iedvesmu un laiku 🙂

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