Design File,Quality of Isabel Marant Sneakers

Not so long ago I wrote a very complimentary post on Isabel Marant and her idea of the wedges  sneakers.

I still thing hight of her as a designers, but the bad quality of her stuff is just killing me. Today I accidentally had a look on the soles of my sneakers and discovered terrible holes after  just 2 month of wearing them. It’s really upsetting since  the prize of these sneakers in Norway is 3800 NOK  ( or 513 EUR). The price is just too hight for the quality Marant offers.

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3 thoughts on “Design File,Quality of Isabel Marant Sneakers

  1. bginta says:

    Ups man taa gadiijaas ar topshop sneakers, iasi nesatraucos, jo 40£ only un pat patiik, sajuutas, kaa vecs miils laacis, kaut sapliisa peec paaris uzvilksanas reizeem, bet tieshaam tie ir tikai 40£ vai ne
    Vai nevar nest atpakal, hmmmm kkaads atgriezshanas termins noteikti ir, jociigi vai ne, domaa, ka par atbilstosu cenu peerk arii kvalitaati jebshu tikai dizainu bet varbuut tikai maksaa tomeer par vaardu…..

  2. I just read your comment in The Marant Philes. As a Marant customer myself, I’m quite “shocked” to see how worn off your soles have become. I just had a look at my two pairs of sneakers (one owned since February 2012 and the second since the end of August). Though i wear them often, from 8:00 til 22h00, they haven’t reached at all the state of wear of yours. Is there a possibility that your contact a seller in a nearby big town ? Wishing you all the best to solve this problem ! XX Françoise.

    • kontere says:

      Hi Françoise, thanks for your comment! Of course, I’ll take the sneakers back to the shop I bought them, and we will see what do they say.
      I know that shoes are made in different places. Where are your sneakers made? Made in Portugal, stands on mine

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