Design Finds, A Pack of Cigarettes

If something makes me sentimental,that’s  to listen the old songs of a Russian band Kino, ( the leader of the band Viktor  Tsoi.)

I was 17 in  1987 whan Kino  released their 7th album  Blood Type (Gruppa Krovi).  The open political climate under glasnost allowed Tsoi to make Blood Type his most political album yet it also allowed him to record a sound of music that no one before him was able to play. Most of the tracks on the album were directed at the youth of the Soviet Union, telling them to take control and make changes within the nation, some of the songs addressed the social problems crippling the nation. The sound and lyrics of the album made Tsoi a hero among Soviet youth and Kino the most popular rock band ever. In the diverse Soviet republics fans translated his originally Russian lyrics into their native languages as well.

Viktor  Tsoi died in a  car accident on August 15, 1990, aged 28. He died in Latvia while he was staying there to finish recording the vocals for Kino’s next album. It happened  a year before Latvia became independant from Soviet Union.

I was 20 when he died . I  seriosly believe that he was a part of reason why I am who I am.

I don’t smoke anymore. But I still have a ticket on a plane with silver wings.

Но если есть в кармане пачка сигарет,
Значит, все не так уж плохо на сегодняшний день.
И билет на самолет с серебристым крылом,
Что, взлетая, оставляет земле лишь тень.

But if there is a pack of cigarettes in your pocket,
So, it’s not so bad for  today.
And  a ticket on a plan with silver wings,
That  leaves  just a shadow on the earth by taking off.

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