Design Fail, Lacoste Windows Oslo

Yesterday I discovered ( better late than never ) that in September 2010, Christophe Lemaire stepped down and Felipe Oliveira Baptista succeeded him as the creative manager of Lacoste. Since than Lacoste has experience a new developmen of the brend and has a new exiting line Unconventional Chic , that looks like a sporty sister of Carven, that I was writing about yesterday.

This morning I decided to check out Lacoste Oslo Hegdehaugsveien 34 . Unfortunately in Oslo  nothing tells us about the new development of the brend. Windows are just boring, boring, boring. We really need a new approach in visual merchandising in the city, don’t you think?

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One thought on “Design Fail, Lacoste Windows Oslo

  1. ginta_b says:

    wow tas ir nee uuu saruukaas sirds…slikti vai ne… mums lacoste outlet store manshkjiet tas viss izskataas pat labaak nu kur tikai polo shirts paardod un taa… neee nepatiik briesmiigi …kaut ar lacoste ir diezgan tuvas attieciibas

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