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Design Finds, The Most Desirable Shoes SS 13

And the winner is ….


The second season in a row , Nicolas did it again

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Design Work, From Cork in Your Sneakers Until Cash in Your Pocket

One day, while you are a teenager , you cut up cork and put into your sneakers because you’ve figured out: it will make you taller. Many years later you set up a production of sneakers with wedge inside and they are sold out over the whole world. Do you know what does it mean? It means, that you really are a designer. Because you make money with your original ideas.

That’s why Isabel Marant  is worth every penny she makes. Her interview on wedges sneakers on

See : there isn’t big difference between mine and Zoe’s sneakers. I just have cork into mine. But it really makes difference in price…..


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Styling Finds, Say Goodbye To Heels

I’ve mentioned  several times already that fashion is really changing right now,  but today I really want to make a point:

Louboutin or Blahnik can get bankrupted  if they won’t move to the sporty side.

Listen, Mr. Louboutin, girls are tired of your uncomfortable shoes, and want to have fun while they walk!

Of course, the stylist are  already setting trends for longer time , look at Christine Centera in her Isabel Marant sneakers:

























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Btw, Miuccia Prada’s already  got a message and do everything to keep the clients, who already have moved to yoga clothes ( Lululemon),

Look at Summer 2013, looks pretty sporty, doesn’t ?























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Design Finds, ART Direction by AMO 2012

The new lookbook Real Fantasies 2012, Prada is out! One more great job done by AMO.

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Design Question, How Much Design Do We Need

I love good design. Any form: from graphic design on a milk carton  until architecture.  Specially I’m interested in connection between fashion and architecture.  I work with retail design as well.

But of course, if you are  in retail design, you buy things. Mostly designer clothes. And now, after many years of obsession with fashion I’m trying to find  my way out . I really don’t need more clothes.

I’ve found out in these years that’s completely ok to own nice things. Like a pair of Louboutin or a bag from Prada. But you really don’t need more than that. Seriously. Buy a new pair of shoes only when you can’t use the old one. And, if you buy a good quality, it can take a while 🙂 That’s my advice.

But at least,  thanks God, I’ve never ever used a credit card for shopping. But many girls do. Here is a great interview with someone who has bigger problems than me : Naomi ,


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Design Finds, Jil is Back

It’s nice to have her back. It feels , hmm, somehow  safe. There is a fashion house to watch. And one of my favorite Berlin’s botiques to visit: Kurfürstendamm 185


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Design Travel, Liberty Window: Kenzo

I’m traveling to London on Thurday. Like always, I make a list “must to see”.

Liberty Window: Kenzo is going to be a one of the spots.

More about Kenzo at Liberty :

Design Question, Lululemon is Accusing Calvin Klein of Infringing on Design Patents

Yes, there is one copyright case more in fashion industrie !

“Yoga-apparel maker Lululemon Athletica Inc. LULU +1.08% is accusing fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. of infringing on design patents for its popular $98 “Astro Pant” in a legal battle that could provide new ammunition for the industry to wield against copycats while bolstering Lululemon’s dominant position in high-end yoga apparel, ” The Wall Streat Journal reports

Finally the ice is broken and I see  more claims against fast-fashion chains like  Zara, H&M and Cubus to come. Look at this picture from Cubus I made yesterday. Why should not Isabel Marant to claim against Cubus?

First :  from Cubus

Second : Isabel Marant Yoan Alpaca Blend Intarsia Sweater