Buy Design, All Men Are Sinful

I’m sorry, but I did it again.( I feel bad about it, of course), but I just passed by Kemt ( completely accidentally, of course )  today on my way from work,

and :

There only one excuse: I really need SOME sneakers.

Than why not Bekett Isabel Marant ???

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2 thoughts on “Buy Design, All Men Are Sinful

  1. ginta_b says:

    hei vai tik shiis nebija taas pre-orsder nthings kuras tu atsauci 🙂

    • kontere says:

      yup, tieši tā ! es biju pasūtījusi haki krāsā, bet atsaucu. bet Kemt ( kur Oslo pārdot tādus leiblus kā Marant, A.P.C un Carven) bija ari waiting list, no kuras es nebiju paspējusi izsvītroties :))))

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