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Design Travel, Naples

You never know when love comes by. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it. This summer I fell in love with Naples.


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Design Travel, Welcome to Riga

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Design by Travel, Newport Beach California

I’d an amazing summer in California with my boys and my mother-in-low. These picture are from one of my favorite place in CA: Newport beach

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Food is Design, Tapas Thursday

100% home – made tapas by Clan McQuillan

home-made aioli

Fagioli All’Uccelletto


Patatas bravas



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Love,Hate or Buy?

After days and days wearing only Bekkets I can’t decide… what do you think?

Prada A/W 2012

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Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #August20

There is the first day of  school in Norway today. It’s raining.

Today I’m wearing  my really favorite  Mix and Mash of things:

 Prada+ Isabel Marant+ Lululemon

Sneakers: Bekket Isabel Marant A/W2012

Dress: Prada A/W 2009

Jacket: Lululemon

Bag: Prada A/W 20o5

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Styling finds, The Perfect Look

There are only 3 things that you need to have the perfect look:

the perfect coat, the perfect heals and the perfect body .

Here you go :

picture :



Styling finds, Woman Should Never Run

Carine Roitfeld said  in 2001, “…woman should never run anyway — it’s sometimes moving, but never chic. ”  

In 2001 I would agree with her, but today, in 2012 , I was running. In Frogner park.

Makss, my oldest son with running with me. ( Btw, he has the same foot size.)

Ok, Ok, I didn’t run in Bekkets. I changed my running shoes to Bekkets when we went to pick up pizza.


Buy Design, All Men Are Sinful

I’m sorry, but I did it again.( I feel bad about it, of course), but I just passed by Kemt ( completely accidentally, of course )  today on my way from work,

and :

There only one excuse: I really need SOME sneakers.

Than why not Bekett Isabel Marant ???

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Buy Design, Back to The City

Finally after traveling for 2 month: the USA, Italy, Latvia I’m back home in Oslo and I’m on a way to my yoga class

Sunglasses:  Prada Illusion 

Jacket: Lululemon 

Pants: Lululemon

Yoga Bag: Lululemon

Sandals: Prada S/S 10

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