Design Tips, The Best Cookbook Ever

As a student of architecture in early 90’s I’was deeply impressed by John Pawson and minimalism.

My first interiors actually were very close copies of  the job  he was doing than. It wasn’t easy to get customers for this kind of interior in Latvia, and I’s very lucky to have realized works.

Time has passed and I’ve change my approach to interiors, but even now I’ve kept deep respect to this Bristish architect, and consider him as one of my Teachers.

His cookbook  Living and Eating that came out 2001 , I bought mainly because of  the pictures of his private interior. But today, 10 years later, it’s the most used cookbook in our home.

Today I made Chicken and White Wine Stew with Gremolata. It’s wonderful.

Picture from Pawson’s book:

The recipe:

Pictures from McQuillan dinner:

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2 thoughts on “Design Tips, The Best Cookbook Ever

  1. ginta_b says:

    izklausaas jau laba taa graamata un galvenais ka pirkta pavisam citu iemeslu deelj – patiik tas….. bet par pavaargraamataam runaajot – man ir taada kur jebkura pagatavojamaa recepte sastaav ne vairaak kaa no 4aam sastaavdaljaam – lov it – minimaalisms eedienaa un neesmu garshvielu iipasha pieluudzeeja – lasis follijaa un cepeshkraasnii ikeshaa – volaa eediens gatavs, tikai luudzu ne kaadu saali vai citronu…. papeetiishu graamatutuvaak, paldies ka dalies ar viu interesanto

    • kontere says:

      receptes te nav sevišķi sarežģītas, bet tādas > inteleģentas. Vēl man ļoti patīk Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. Tur gan jāuzmanās ar chili, viņa lieto to par daudz, bērniem tie ēdieni ir par asiem

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