Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #June12

Recently I’m very upset with quality of expensive brands. I already wrote about my experience with Isabel Marant. I find dissapointing quality of Max Mara Margaux Bag and 2 of knops of my Balenciaga jacket broke down after a month. I could continue, but
today I have to admit that I had to take back my Prada Aviator broques: shoe soles just don’t held together.

Since I’m educated as a designer, I could tell this from the beginning: cork and rubber on wedge that is shaped as Aviators wouldn’t hold together even on the prototype.( I guess, there wasn’t any prototype) But I really wanted to own these shoes …

Anyway, the only clothes that I don’t have any problem with, are my old clothes from Prada Sport. I guess, I shoud keep being sporty.

Raincoat: Prada Sport

Jeans: Pepito from Isabel Marant S/S 2012

Top: Prada Sport

Sneakers: Prada Sport


3 thoughts on “Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #June12

  1. ginta_b says:

    ljoti patiik shaada stila trenchi

    • kontere says:

      šitam mīlulītim ir gandrīz 10 gadi. vienkārši perfekts apģērba gabals. ipaši Norvēgijā :)))

      • ginta_b says:

        kad saki 10 gadi tad atceros man bija denim jaka, kas shogad paartapa vestee, bet pirkta 2000 gadaa kkur vaacijaa un atcelojusi uz uk un tiek valkaata uz nebeedu – luuk dreebes dazas tiesaam par miiluliishiem var saukt vai ne – kolosaali

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