Design Finds, Pre-Order Online

Do you remember my Wish-List 2012 ?

I just did the first of my life re-order online on

I suppose to get these Beketts until 15 August. We’ll see how it works.

If it works, the possibility of  pre-ordering is a really revolution in retail world and will have a huge impact on retail interior design and visual merchandising in close future.

Thanks Mandi, who posted information about pre-ordering on her blog.

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3 thoughts on “Design Finds, Pre-Order Online

  1. findmeamuse says:

    I’m so glad you managed to get a pair. I always pre-order my must have items these days to avoid missing out. Crazy paying for something only to wait months for it but worth it to secure a pair.

    Have a great weekend.

    xx Mandi

    • kontere says:

      Yes, it’s strange to pay 2 month ahead, but since I missed sneakers the previous season, I can’t do it again 🙂 Have a great weekend and love from Norway. Vesma

    • kontere says:

      btw, isn’t it crazy, that some of her items are so popular? specially shoes, I guess. sometimes I wonder why…

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