Buy Design, Chinese Waistcoat

Chinese winter waiscoat is very usefull thing in Scandinavian summer. Buy it : MING, Kirkeveien 65A, Price 150 NOK

The beautiful description of my Chinese waistcoat I found on :

” Waistcoat, popular in the Qing Dynasty, originated in the Manchu mandarin jacket, and the national costume and with the Central Plains, the form of clothing system. 
Han Chinese clothing style was simple, neither leader is also sleeveless, then its a waistcoat Manchu-style transformation, the piping and embroidery decorate the vest on, this chic new clothing soon young men and women of the Manchu Popular, people became very popular clothing styles. 
Qing Manchu waistcoat, common style there Duijin, Pipajin, Dajin, Yizijin and Renzijin etc. At first Renzijin(a kind of style)waistcoat worn inside the gown, to the late Qing Dynasty, it is generally in the gown to be worn outside. “


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