Design Question: Why Don’t I like Miu Miu?

I guess, everyone has noticed my love to Miuccia Prada. I think, she is genius and I believe I’ve at least a piece from every her collection since 2000.

At the same time I just can’t stand Miu Miu.

It seems like a parody to Prada, and  I find it incredibly tacky. I guess, Miuccia has issues that I don’t want to know…

The same I can say about Isabel Marant and Étoile Isabel Marant. I think her first line is very cool and quality is ok for the price,  but  Étoile I find, hmmm, cheap  and so bad  in terms of quality  that I don’t even check a new collection. Btw, you really should be careful about  fabric composition on Étoile : there is a lot of 100% polyester and crap like  that.

But I guess, actually Miu Miu and Étoile are the money makers. How comes that designers  make money with the worse products? Just because of price difference? Or here is something about customers to say?

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One thought on “Design Question: Why Don’t I like Miu Miu?

  1. Kiki says:

    Ha! You know, I used to think the same thing about Prada and Miu Miu. However, then I came across her Spring 2012 jewelry line and I fell in love with those cameo pieces. I even wrote a blog about them! Exquisite! I will definitely keep checking out Miu Miu collections from now in–in hopes that Miuccia can win me over again!

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