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Buy Design, The Perfect Look Fall 2012




Design Finds, Turn Heads, Sexy

Dress: Laura Urbinati
Sandals: Prada S/S 10



Design Finds, Looking For Love

Berit Kruger-Johnston  is a freelance illustrator, born in Norway.  For the last thirteen years Berit Kruger-Johnston has been residing in Australia.

This is one of my favorite pieces: Looking For Love. It’s such a beautiful  mix of my  memories of  Hopper, Chagall and Jerome K. Jerome.

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Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #June13

Getting ready for Sommerfest at Westerdals School of Communication

Top: Yves Saint Laurent, vintage

Skirt:  Carven S/S 2011

Shoes: Prada A/W 2011

Tights: Lindex

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Design Tips, The Best Cookbook Ever

As a student of architecture in early 90’s I’was deeply impressed by John Pawson and minimalism.

My first interiors actually were very close copies of  the job  he was doing than. It wasn’t easy to get customers for this kind of interior in Latvia, and I’s very lucky to have realized works.

Time has passed and I’ve change my approach to interiors, but even now I’ve kept deep respect to this Bristish architect, and consider him as one of my Teachers.

His cookbook  Living and Eating that came out 2001 , I bought mainly because of  the pictures of his private interior. But today, 10 years later, it’s the most used cookbook in our home.

Today I made Chicken and White Wine Stew with Gremolata. It’s wonderful.

Picture from Pawson’s book:

The recipe:

Pictures from McQuillan dinner:

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Design Finds, Gremolata

“Gremolata may sound like a female goblin, but in fact, it is a blend of parsley, garlic, and lemon zest, equally at home beside a panfried chicken beast as scattered over a stew,” explain John Pawson and Annie Bell in a book Living and Eating

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Design Finds, Aesop Hong Kong Installation

Last year skincare retailer Aesop created a temporary installation in Hong Kong’s I.T HYSAN ONE flagship shop: the pop-up structure is made of a whopping 800 resin boxes. Installation created by Cheungvogl Architects.

 I guess,right now,  the installation’s been dismantled and reassembled as a permanent county on I.T HYSAN ONE’s first floor.

more pictures on

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Design Travel, What To See in LA#2

Prada Epicenter / Beverly Hills, Los Angeles by OMA
343 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5105, USA

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Buy Design, My Favorite Clothes #June12

Recently I’m very upset with quality of expensive brands. I already wrote about my experience with Isabel Marant. I find dissapointing quality of Max Mara Margaux Bag and 2 of knops of my Balenciaga jacket broke down after a month. I could continue, but
today I have to admit that I had to take back my Prada Aviator broques: shoe soles just don’t held together.

Since I’m educated as a designer, I could tell this from the beginning: cork and rubber on wedge that is shaped as Aviators wouldn’t hold together even on the prototype.( I guess, there wasn’t any prototype) But I really wanted to own these shoes …

Anyway, the only clothes that I don’t have any problem with, are my old clothes from Prada Sport. I guess, I shoud keep being sporty.

Raincoat: Prada Sport

Jeans: Pepito from Isabel Marant S/S 2012

Top: Prada Sport

Sneakers: Prada Sport