Buy Design, My Wish List 2012

It sounds almost unbelievable:  right now I’ve only one thing on my entire 2012  list: Isabel Marant sneakers.

It can be both: Willow or  Bobby. Or both.














Photo: Garance Dore

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One thought on “Buy Design, My Wish List 2012

  1. ginta_b says:

    aha ormarc jacobs ones…. iegaadaajos no topshop diezgan forshas…vieniigais daudz staigaajot un iipashi no kalniem lejaa saap kaaju lejasdaljas priekshpuse – iisti nezinu kaa to saukt…. bet jaa jaa jaa liels hits … un man personiigi skaidri zinaams ka no manas modes skapja taas neizies nekad kaut arii pasaulee kaa trends buus beidzies….. peerc tik abas 🙂 lai tik aatri nenovalkaajas un pat kalpo muuzhiigi 🙂

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