Design Travel, Where My Love Story With Prada Started

Every girl has a love story with a  fashion designer or with a fashion house in her life. The longest in my life so far has been Prada. It started in year 2005, became in very monogamous relationships from my side for awhile, and now it’s close to be over.

I’ve been asked many time: why Prada? Right now I’ m working on an article for Latvian interior magazine Deko, trying to explain why. Today I can tell when it started.

I fell in love with Prada in Tokyo  from the moment I approached a Prada ‘s shop,  designed by Swiss architects Herzog&De Meuron.

It was Love At First Sight. Still until now, it’s been the strongest commercial architecture statement in my experience. And of course, a big part of it is about a scale: the Prada building is incredibly fragile and delicate in the Aoyama’s urban landscape.

I tried to capture the building from the different angles than you usually see on  publication on Prada Tokyo.

Let me know, if it talks to you as well.


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