Design Work, I’m Starting To Make A Catalog Of My Prada Collection

Maybe I mentioned before, I have some pieces that I would like to call my fashion collection. I’m collecting a specific fashion house, and it’s Prada. From every collection I try to buy the key pieces that show development of this fashion house and are generally interesting for contemporary fashion development  from my point of view. Some parts of this collection I’m wearing, some not, since I find theses pieces more interesting for collectors purposes not for wearing.

In a way I think I really have a collectors blood in me, because, for example, instead of buying new winter boots ( and I really need them), I decided to go for this summer dress from  S2011, and here are 2 reasons why I bought it:

one, I think the dresses were the most interesting part of this collection since very  specific Prada cut and very expected form Prada “unexpected” color combination. The second was : Ginta Lapiņa was wearing in on catwalk. Ginta is the first real Latvian supermodel and in a way she has set my native country on the fashion map. 

Today I’m starting on making an catalog on it, since I’m thinking about posting  it online. My goal is to make a collection for professional people to rent it for styling or research purposes. And, by the way, I’m working on a big publication on Prada.


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