Styling Finds, Hair Style Like Isabel Marant

The last week when I was in Berlin, I met friend of mine that I have not seen since we moved out from Proskauer Straße.

She came with me to QUBIQUE, and she loved the exibition so much, that she went alone in the next day. When we met for dinner later, she asked me : ” Well, what is about your hair? Is it a special designer style nowadays? ”

” Ah”, I said. “Do you mean I don’t take care of my hair?”

She answered : ” No , I mean, I love your style. I noticed at QUBIQUE that almost every designer wears hair like you ”

I had to admit, it’s not me. This styling comes from our beloved Isabel Marant.  Is it really the designer style now? I don’t know, but it’s incredibly comfortable.

And cool, I think.


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