Design Question: What About a Connection Between Latvian Fashion Theater and Gianni Versace?

















Yesterday a  legendary for Latvia fashion designer Bruno Birmanis came out with a new collection. The collection was warmly received by Latvian fashion press and general publics.

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Bruno Birmanis was a key person for Latvian fashion in late 80th and in the beginning of 90th. He established an important trend of “Fashion Theatre”, was a owner of the Latvian first model agency and established the first international fashion competion in Latvia: Nepieradinātās Modes Asambleja/Untamed Fashion Assembly. I personally was a part of the competition, in 1999, when Zandra Rhodes was a head of Fashion Forum.

Basically Birmanis’ time of activity was the same as Gianny Versace’s, and popularity in Latvia was the same.

What  seems intresting to me: his came- back now is at the same time when Donatella Versace has delivered a colection for H&M, based on the legendary part of her brother work. And even Versace’s skeptics say, this is the best and smartest move that Donatella has done in her life.

So, I can’t help but wonder : do we really miss theatre in fashion and the all is about passion to fashion, or it’s just: The devil knows many things because he is old ? 


2 thoughts on “Design Question: What About a Connection Between Latvian Fashion Theater and Gianni Versace?

  1. ginta_b says:

    nezinu viss naak iet un atkal atgriezas – par ko milzigs prieks, jo bruno man ir atklajums patikams – ne ta ka neko nezinaju, bet sie pedejie terpi- skaisti…. ar g versace dalu dzimsanas dienu kopigu 🙂 versace vs bruno – ir virnkarsi super… ari versace noteikti lielam daudzumam ir jaunatklajums…. bilde ar mia un donatella burviga

  2. kontere says:

    Just got a comment from Bruno that a head of Untamed fashion Assembly was Paco Rabbane, not Zandra Rhodes.

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