Design Finds, The Honda Beetle

The all my short motorcycling experience is connected with the falls off them.

The first time, with my dad, I don’t even remember since I was around a year old, but the last time I remember very well. I was 20, went to an architecture school. It was a beautifull spring day, I was wearing a light blue skirt and my new heels when a fellow of mine offered me a ride on his new motorcycle. I was afraid, but… I really liked the guy.

After we felt down in the sand next to the Architecture faculty in Ķīpsala, Ralf told me and, the same story he repeated 15 years later: it was the only one fall in his life. And he rides his motorcycle every day, by the way.

So, my love to motorcycle are purely visual. And this beetle is really lovely

Dave Mucci’s  1978 Honda CX500 custom  is today’s bike on the site


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