Buy Design, Violet Blonde

In terms of fragrance I’m a Tom Ford’s girl. I discovered  White Patchouli in Milano in 2009 and since than it has been my night fragrance.

For a day I was switching back and forward between Balenciaga for Balenciaga and Prada D’Iris, both light and intelligent smells.

The last week being in Amsterdam I learned about Tom Ford Violet Blonde, and now I have one more day fragrance to use. It smells like 70th and in a way has the Yves Saint Laurent’s Girl feeling. The smell is sexy, but feels like freedom as well.

I love the fact that Tom Ford doesn’t change the basic design for the bottle: so far it’s always almost the same, just different colors and different materiality. And I think  Lara Stone looks stunning in this add: very violet blonde.

Price per 50ml:

70 EUR at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Duty Free,

83 EUR in the city.

One thought on “Buy Design, Violet Blonde

  1. Muha says:

    You write about smells I could almost feel them through my laptop 🙂 Yaaamiii!

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