Buy Design, for my Prada collection

People, who know me for a longer time, are informed about my special interests in Prada, let’s put in this way. With the years  I have develop a collectors approach to the Prada Case.

Do you remember the beautiful cover of the Italian Vogue N.698? (yes, of course, I have Italian Vogue collections as well ). It was the October cover 3 years ago, and I remember it clearly because of the simplicity of it , and because of different structure of the black textiles. Actually the hat is leather and you can see it here:

I found it on, where sometimes you can find nice items from the old collections for very ok price.

I don’t think I will ever wear it, but I really looking forward to use it for a special fashion shoot, that is planned in next few month.

3 thoughts on “Buy Design, for my Prada collection

  1. ginta_b says:

    love it … i think u should wear it… would look amazing…u know its [rada…. btw…. izmekleeju yoox taas kurpes un nekaa… bet paldies par info….kaapec tieshi prada tavaa ipashajaa uzmaniibas lokaa??

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