Het Modepaleis, Dries van Noten and me

Last week I posted almost the same picture, just without a happy person in it.

The happy person is me. Yes, I went to Antwerp and yes, I visited Het Modepaleis.

On the plane, reading the September issue of the American ELLE,  I learnt, that his grandfather, a tailor, owned a menswear store across the street from this building. This shop once housed his competitor’s business. Now the place has been home to the Dries van Noten’s flagship store since 1989.

“It’s the only store in Antwerp where outside and inside remain as they originally were,” Van Noten said in his interview,” including the mahogany furniture and counters”.

But no, I didn’t buy the boots that were on my wish-list.

I love Dries van Noten, I really loved his Het Modepaleis, but…I wasn’t sure Dries van Noten is me. Sometimes it takes time to find out who you are. Even if you are looking just for very simple things, like boots.

So, I’m still wearing my old flat Prada boots from Prada FA 2007 because they feel right.

I was traveling this week Amsterdam-Antwerp and I will keep you posted about the interesting interiors and design I was lucky to find.


2 thoughts on “Het Modepaleis, Dries van Noten and me

  1. LatteLisa says:

    haha, fabulous photo, and thank you for linking back to me when you borrowed mine 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful time in Antwerp. It’s my adopted city and I love it!

    • kontere says:

      Hei Lisa! I’m a big fun of yours, you have a great blog! And it was very helpful to read it before going to Antwerp. It’s amazing city and I enjoyed it very much.I’m sure I’m going back one day again.

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