Fashion Architecture Trips, Antwerp

Dries van Noten Het Modepaleis, Nationalestraat 16, Antwerp,

Next week I’m going to travel to Antwerp as well. On my Design Map besides MOMU Fashion Museum, St. Jacobs Church and bookshop Copyright as an important spot stands Dries van Noten Modepaleis.

A great description of this shop I have found here 

“The 1881 building used to house a menswear shop and the former interior has been preserved in its entirety: parquet floor a la Chateau de Versailles, marble, mosaics, a glass cupola…”, you can read about Modepaleis on

I love Dries van Noten because of  his special creativity, intelligence of his fashion and incredibly quality of every item. And because he, as a part of Antwerp Six,  not only managed to put Antwerp as a important city on  the words fashion map, but keeps doing it for more than 20 years  for now.

The next post Buy Design, Wish-list  will be directly connected to Dries and Antwerp


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