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#LoveBerlin, Boris Berlin


#LoveBerlin, Berlin Friedrichsain

Design Fail, Who Has Completed His First Hotel Interior?

Today I got slightly irritated by a publication Maison Champs Elysées by Maison Martin Margiela on

There is a senctence in the beginning of a publication: “Belgian fashion designer Martion Margiela has comleted his first hotel interior at the Maison Champs Elysées in Paris.”

As we all know, Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela left Maison Martin Margiela in December 2009, so,  my question is : how much was he really involved in this particular interior project?

The reason why I’m writing this post is:  I’m tired of sloppy fashion and designer journalists that just copy press releases from fashion houses without even thinking about the real facts.

I wrote my question on as well, but for some reason, it’s not have been approved yet. I hope, it will be approved soon and I will get an answer about Martin Margiela’s involvement in particular interior project. Who knows, maybe he really was the interior designer ?

Design Question: What About a Connection Between Latvian Fashion Theater and Gianni Versace?

















Yesterday a  legendary for Latvia fashion designer Bruno Birmanis came out with a new collection. The collection was warmly received by Latvian fashion press and general publics.

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Design Finds, The Honda Beetle

The all my short motorcycling experience is connected with the falls off them.
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Design Finds, The Food Floor at de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

There is a fantastic food floor at the department store de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam with Tom Dixon’s lamps and Charles Eames’ chairs. And good food, last but not least.

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Design Finds, Styling For Sale

Very romantic styling for real estate sales I found on the completely new Norwegian blog platform : several well- known Norwegian bloggers will be together from now

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